About Me

Hi there! My name is Savannah Sowers, and I am a recent graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media with a concentration in advertising and public relations and a second major in Italian. Growing up as an only child, I quickly learned to master the skill of self-entertainment, which often involved creating things. I relied on YouTube tutorials to teach myself new skills, from photoshop to basic video editing. 

For middle and high school I attended Penn-Griffin School for the Arts, where a lot of my projects required me to incorporate my creative abilities. Through these assignments, I not only was able to sharpen my artistic abilities, but I also realized that I wanted to work in a field that encompassed creativity. This was the primary reason I chose advertising as my major, as it allowed to combine my artistic passions with my love for communicating with people. 

At my previous university, UNC-Asheville, I took a two-dimensional digital design class, where I discovered my passion for graphic design. This was the first time I had free access to the Adobe Creative Suite, so I spent a majority of my first year of college exploring the various applications and teaching myself more skills with those handy Youtube Tutorials. 

When I transferred to UNC-Chapel Hill, I joined the social media and videography team for Coulture Magazine, a student-run beauty and lifestyle magazine, which gave me the opportunity to maintain and expand my graphic design and video-editing skills. The next year, I interned for the Undergraduate Admissions Office as a social media intern. This internship gave me numerous opportunities to teach myself new skills, especially with social media analytics and the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as collaborate with a variety of student organizations and academic departments.

Most recently, I was a communications and public relations intern for Innovate Carolina, which works with various entrepreneurs and startups to help promote their ideas and innovations. I helped to create and develop social media campaigns for our social media platforms, curate content for these campaigns, correspond with various entrepreneurial organizations and companies about their innovations, and analyze our engagement patterns to help improve our strategies moving forward. My time at Innovate Carolina not only instilled a crucial self-starter mindset in me that has helped me stay motivated to work toward my goals, but also sparked my interest in client-services.

Through my coursework in the journalism school, I have gained a variety of skills and knowledge in UX/UI design, graphic design, marketing research and concepts, interviews and AP style, creative advertising, digital storytelling, and public relations. Moving forward, I’m looking for experiences that will not only allow me to leverage and strengthen my skillset, but also incorporate some form of corporate social responsibility into my role.

Want to learn more?

Let’s get in touch! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or just to chat.