Creative Process: Be Kind Films’ Animated Logo

Be Kind Films, founded by one of the twins in Twinscape Films, asked me to create an animated logo similar to the Twinscape Films animated logo.

They gave me a few design suggestions — such as the font, the color scheme, and the general idea of what they wanted — but besides those, they were pretty flexible. The main feature would be a monarch butterfly that would fly in and land on the film production name, Be Kind Films.

I started by creating a design board that featured various fonts and color schemes so that they could have a few options to choose from. From there, I looked up butterfly animation tutorials, as I had no idea how to make a butterfly animation. I found one that even included the butterfly vectors they used in the tutorial, but I decided to make my own so the butterfly would be more detailed and catered to what they asked for. Once I found a good image, I uploaded it into Adobe Illustrator and traced the different parts of the butterfly (i.e. the two wings and the body) onto separate art boards so that they closely resembled the included vectors in the tutorial.

Recreating the butterfly took the longest, as, like I said, I wanted to include the minute details of its wings. Though these details probably wouldn’t be super notable in the final composition, they really appreciated my meticulous approach to their logo. When the butterfly was complete, I created the handwriting animation in Adobe After Effects. I had previously learned how to do this animation during my internship at the Admissions Office, so this part was pretty easy. As far as the animation of the butterfly, I followed the tutorial step-by-step until I got the general gist and could recreate it to my own liking. I played around with the butterfly’s path of movement and its flapping speed until its movement seemed to mimic an actual butterfly.

I was pretty happy with the final result, and it wasn’t too complicated to make. I also learned how to make a butterfly animation, which could possibly come in handy in the future. The whole project took about two to three days to complete.